Thursday, October 16, 2014

Germany, here we come!

We are moving to Germany, potentially next Friday.  Also known as 8 days away!  I decided to give this blog another chance since we are moving pretty far away from all of our family and friends. 

Life has been rather frantic and frustrating.  Chris has been in Frankfurt for 2 weeks now, looking at schools and housing.  He has found a school for the boys and an apartment for the first month.  This will give us time to look at several properties together, House Hunters International style.

Boys really miss Chris as do I.  They've been kind of crazy, often acting out in frustration. Anton screams every time he is in the car seat, has learned to unbuckle himself and is overall he is a bit frustrated.  I think he wants to talk but just can't seem to make the sounds. He feeds off the energy of the house and has been known to throw things, hit his brothers, and just act out in general.

I am very open and looking to hear from people who have suggestions on how to make my life easier - suggestions on both relocation and reducing stress for both myself and kids would be highly appreciated?

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