Monday, October 27, 2014

The plane, train and automobiles

We have survived the flight and our nearly full first weekend in Germany.  Parts of it are definitely a blur though.

As expected, Anton was not a happy little traveler.  On our first leg from Pittsburgh to Toronto he did great for about half of the trip.  After that the screaming started and it never stopped.  Also, you are not allowed to hold the 2 year old in your lap, he has to be in his seat during landing and strolling through tarmac.  The flight attendant was quite bitchy through this whole ordeal. 

We had nearly 5 hour layover between 2 flights so we went to a lounge for Business Class passengers where they have free unlimited food and drinks.  I believe we had the only children in there but at that point I really didn't care.  It had free wi-fi and food - enough said! 

So when the seats for our flight to Frankfurt were booked some random person decided that while you are traveling with 3 young kids the most ideal way to seat would be in a row in 2 different cabins...  We tried to exchange the seats and were only partially successful.  We still had to ask 2 nice passengers to trade 2 seats with us so we can all sit close to each other and actually help the boys with food, shows, sleeping, etc.  I have to admit business class rocks.  We each had our own "pod" so leg space was not an issue, the dinner was pretty good as far as the airplane food is concerned and the best part is that you can actually lay down and be pretty comfortable too. Anton slept for probably 3 hours with some melatonin and benadryl combo, Ilya slept through most of the flight after he ate and Andrei did the worse with probably only about 2 hours of sleep.  Somehow eating breakfast at midnight didn't sit well with anybody except for Chris.  The flight attendants were so nice and accommodating though.  On this flight, Chris held Anton down on both take off and landing and he still screamed but it really wasn't that bad.

After we landed and got all 12 bags of our luggage (on top of the 5 carry on pieces that we already had) we got the car and Enterprise guy was super nice to give us an upgrade for only 5 euros a day so now we can all fit in it pretty comfortably with most of our luggage.  2 bags and a stroller were left behind in the storage room to be picked up earlier and with that we drove off to find our new temporary apartment.


dana said...

So glad you're doing this blog! And happy you made it to Frankfurt unscathed across the ocean- keep posting; I'll be waiting :)

Maria Knorr said...

trying :) sometimes I am way too tired to do much except get onto the couch and watch my new addiction White Collar.