Friday, November 28, 2014

A month later

We've been in Germany for a month now.  It's definitely been up and down, but overall no regrets.  The boys are in school.  Well, 2 of them.  Anton is still doing his "settlement period."  On Monday they are going to try to put him down for a nap, I am not too optimistic that he'll sleep but it's a start.

We are also moving into our new home on Monday.  We actually get the keys on Saturday and will move all of the stuff from this apartment over the weekend, and the truck with our stuff is supposed to arrive at 8:30 sharp.  There is also a lot of other stuff that is happening Monday and Tuesday.  Internet and phone set up is supposed to happen on Monday, washer and dryer along with installation are coming Tuesday, and I guess as part of our move a handyman is coming Tuesday morning to install some lights. That means we have to buy most, if not all, the lights on Saturday and Monday nights.  Everything is closed on Sunday.

We are absolutely ready to move out of this place.  It's been a great starting place, but it's way too small for us.  Nobody has private space and everybody is starting to get a little edgy.  We are also not going to miss trying to walk up and down the stairs silently because there is a baby on the first floor, we are not going to miss seeing said baby's diaper in the stairwell every time we go somewhere.  I am going to miss this neighborhood though.  I can and do walk everywhere including the grocery store.  The park that's 2 minutes away was also nice when it was a bit warmer and didn't get dark so early.

We celebrated (kind of but not really) our first holiday away from family - Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, we weren't smart enough to reserve a spot in one of 2 American restaurants in Frankfurt so ended up going to Mongolian Buffet.  It was alright, but seeing everybody's pictures of turkey and stuffing definitely made me miss home.  We didn't make the turkey because we didn't really want to bother with all that food when we have to move so soon afterwards.  In fact, we are eating whatever is left in our fridge so we can move as little as possible.

Some pictures that I took over the last month but never posted:

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