Thursday, November 06, 2014

This was written about a week ago but never published due to no internet issues.

Monday night.  Internet is down.  We couldn’t locate the router so Chris emailed the landlord from his work phone which is connected to the German systems, whatever they are.
Today was the first day when I stayed home with all 3 boys by myself in the “foreign land.”  We survived and actually had a pretty good day.  I went to explore our neighborhood with the boys.  We stopped by a cell phone place so hopefully I will get myself a working cell phone by Wednesday, just have to take a look at a different provider and make sure that we can break the contract when needed.  We also stopped by some bakery for a snack.  German donuts – not so good.  German M&M cookies – loved by all the boys.

I have also learned a lot about German way to do laundry.  I am very grateful to have a washer and a dryer in the apartment but they are tiny!   I was doing laundry nearly every day in the USA but here it’s a must because our one day of clothing might not always fit into a machine (depending on how dirty the boys decide to get and how many changes of outfits we have to go through).   It is also quite entertaining the way the dryers work here.   They don't vent outside so there is a condensator which gets full of water after about every 2 loads and needs to be empty.  It's basically a tube full of about 3-4 gallons of water. The best part about this - by now Anton is staying on top of it except it's a little heavy for him.  It took us pretty much a full day of running the dryer to figure out why our laundry wasn't drying.  Sometimes we are just way to American ...  Good news is that regardless of the house we pick for our real home, we will have to buy washer/dryer and at this point I am pretty happy that I will be able to choose the size that fits our family.  It’s little things in life :)

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