Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Apartment search

While Chris was here in Germany all by himself in the beginning of October, he found several interesting housing options that we are now trying to see and decide what works best for us.

Hopefully this is not a typical German story but here it goes ...  We have decided on a house to rent and made an offer on Monday.  It was originally accepted but then after a little bit we got a word that there might be another offer on the table.  On Tuesday we heard that the landlord wants to meet the family and after some back and forth it was decided that only Chris needs to go and I will stay at the house with the kids (meeting was at 6:15PM).  At about 6:25 Chris called me and said that apparently the actual landlord is 24 year old girl and wants to meet everybody.  At this point I got really mad but went along with it.  It was the most awkward meeting where I was rather pissed and wasn't about to idle chit chat.  Anyway, this morning we heard that they decided to pass because they didn't want kids in the house.

So we are back to square one in terms of a house search.  We are now looking at more housing options withing walking/biking distance to school since we realized the traffic is horrendous. It's hard to find a house that's big enough to fit all of us.  Most have slanted roofs where last floor is rather useless.  Kitchens in general are so tiny that only one person can be in it.  Thus, while life is getting better and stabilizing overall, we have to move out of this place at the end of November and have no place to go!

Looking very confused at our first car fueling

Chris posing at a store with a famous soccer jersey
new carseat where he can't unbuckle everybody
Happy child

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Soccer Jersey looks good :)

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