Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anton starting his new preschool

Anton has started "settlement period" at his new school here in Germany.  I have to preface it with the fact that he goes to the same school as the other boys but in the preschool/nursery part of it.  Here is what I was told about the process - first there is a meeting between a parent and teachers to get all information regarding the child.  Then for 4 days a parent is going into the classroom and it's just one of the teachers, parent (me in this case) and Anton are in the room together for an hour.  After that I am allowed to leave the room for about 15 minutes at a time slowly increasing time for Anton to stay in the room by himself.

Now what really happened.  We met with the teacher, I stayed with him for one day and on day 4 he spent 3.5 hours at preschool all by himself (well, with other kids and teachers but without me).    He did absolutely awesome, never cried even when I left.  His teachers are shocked at how fast his "integration" is going.  At this rate, he might be going to school full time by the end of next week.  Unfortunately, my mom is leaving a bit too soon to enjoy our time with no kids :(

Some pictures from school, 2 bottom pics are what Anton had for breakfast:

carrying grandma's purse!

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