Sunday, November 23, 2014

How we spent our Sunday

Anton has had bronchitis for about 2 weeks now and it felt like it was getting better with him barely coughing.  Somehow over the last 24 hours he has really went down the hill with constant coughing, attempts to throw up and wheezing.  Saturday night going into Sunday morning Anton slept from about 8PM to midnight and then again from 1AM to around 4AM at which point he was coughing really bad and having trouble catching his breath between the coughing.  After about an hour of deliberation and a couple of phone calls, Anton and I headed out into the dark Frankfurt night to find German Children's Hospital.

Thankfully, Anton fell asleep on our drive which was about 20-25 minutes long.  Then we get to where GPS is telling me the hospital should be and I don't really see anything that resembles a hospital.  Kind of out of options as it's 6AM I parked the car, got Anton into a stroller, and walked into a building that had some lights on.  They, thankfully, spoke some English and told me to keep walking.  Eventually, I see a sign that says "Kinder something."  It's this 3-story grey old building that looks nothing like Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.   The first nurse spoke ZERO English, but she called somebody else who was really nice and spoke a little bit of English.  The nurse explained that the doctor is not there and they would have to call one in.  A little discouraging but with no options we stick around. 

The doctor showed up really quickly and tells me that Anton's oxygen levels are at 91 which is too low and he is on the borderline of needing oxygen but she is ok to try the breathing treatment first to see how he would react.  Thank God for the nurse because Anton hated even the idea of something being strapped to his face.  Eventually, he got enough of the medicine and they retested his oxygen.  It went up to 97 which the doctor was happy with.  She released Anton from the hospital with the instructions to repeat his breathing treatments 5-6 times a day along with a lot of other medicines.   However, if he gets worse he will be admitted to the hospital and from what I understood it might be for a while because kids tend to feel worse at night time so they would keep him through that time.  Hoping it doesn't come to that!

No pictures to go with the story but hoping to go back to sharing more pictures this week.  Now, time for this mommy to go to bed and pray that everybody sleeps through the night.

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