Monday, November 24, 2014

New misc

It's that there is nothing to write, it's more like there is no time when I am not exhausted to write about them so here goes a bit of random ...

  • Anton dropped 40" LCD onto his head.  Anton is fine, LCD - not so much.  And since it's a rental place, we have to replace it for around 479 euros.  We are going to keep the broken one and try to see if we can fix it but since we are moving out of here in a week, we just need to have it replaced.
  • When I came to United States, somehow all my family managed to pack in terms of shoes were none, the only shoes I had were the ones on my feet.  Apparently, some things are genetic but I managed to do a little better.  I managed to pack 2 pairs of slippers for myself!  Thus, for the last month I've only been wearing one pair of tennis shoes and I am really tired of them.  The rest of my family fared a little better with an average of 4 pairs.
  • Speaking of thing we never packed - thermometer!  When your kid has been sick for the last 2 weeks, it's kind of important to know his temperature.  Finally, today I stopped by the pharmacy and picked one up.
  • I don't know that we realized just how much we are not apartment people.   We are on the last floor of a 3 story building and I can only imagine what the people below us think when boys start running around.  And as quiet as we tell them to be in the stairwell, they are just not that good at it.  We are ready to move into our new home on Monday, December 1.  Our furniture will be there at 8:30AM and it can't be soon enough.

My sick baby sleeping, notice the feet :)
Drugs kicked in

Very broken screen!

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